Mindo Birdwatching and Aventure Paradise close to Quito

Mindo is one of the most visited places in Ecuador by tourists, up to 200,000 people every year, and for a good reason. Mindo is a beautiful town that feels like a different world. On the journey to the town you will notice landscapes drastically change as you get nearer and ride on into the mist covered mountains. The landscape consists of deep canyons that are covered in lush green trees spreading everywhere the eye can see. Mindo is often buried in clouds, but when they pass you get hit in the face with awe inspiring views.

Mindo is a very popular place for birdwatching. The area is home to a staggering 470+ different species of bird. Some of the birds here include; Cock-of-the-Rock, Toucans, and the Torrent Duck. There is also an extreme diverseness of butterflies in the region too. Mindo is a paradise for anyone who enjoys green, nature time! There are so many different things to do in Mindo.

Canyoning – Here in Mindo, there are canyoning courses and day trips available for all skill levels including beginners. The trip will start with a gorgeous hike to the canyoning zones, and will then repel down 3 different large waterfalls throughout the day. Sounds exciting? That’s because it is!

Mindo Ziplines – With 10 cables and over 8,450ft of lines you are sure to get your fill of flying through the air. The added security of a double cable system and experienced professional staff ensures safety is the top priority.

Chocolate Tours – Delicious chocolate is farmed in these parts of Ecuador, and you can go on a tour and see exactly how chocolate is farmed, cultivated and produced, oh, and you get to eat some of the tastiest chocolate in the world!

Birdwatching Activities – Because Mindo is a bird haven, there is an abundance of bird watching guides available, in several languages. Tours can be arranged from any of the guesthouses in the town. A birdwatchers breakfast special is also available, a lovely outside dining area where you can eat a full English breakfast while watching local toucans, hummingbirds and a bunch of other beautiful bird species.

El Descanso Hummingbird Garden – A mesmerizing garden, where you can find dozens of different varieties of hummingbird, all vying for the sugary delight on offer. The hummingbirds fly surprising close to the viewing balcony and even overhead!

Butterfly farm – There is an astounding variety and quantity of butterflies in this reserve – the largest in Ecuador. The memory of hundreds of butterflies, of 25 different varieties flying around you is not forgotten anytime soon.

Hiking – You would be mad to come to a place like this, and not go off exploring the amazing nature here. There are many marked and unmarked walking and bike trails in the area that bring you to places like the Cascada Rio Bravo. Where there are 6 stunning waterfalls and a cable car station that takes you on a breathtaking ride across the top of the valley.

Mindo provides not only a beautiful environment, but a comforting atmosphere to stay in too. There are several hotels and hostels in the area with a host of activities to take on. The best part is there are different options for different travelers – from a relaxing stay to an experience full of nightlife activity and daytime fun.

Las Terrazas de Dana Lodge – An exclusive, luxury ecolodge with spectacular views over the surrounding valley of Mindo. The private bungalows with a hot tub and terrace offer a relaxing and secluded stay.