Nemo III Motor Sail Catamaran


Nemo III has 2 main routes called North Itinerary and South Itinerary of 8 days each one starting on Sundays.

On Sunday you can do a 4 days cruise in the North Itinerary or a 5 days cruise in the South Itinerary

From these main routes you can start on Wednesday a cruise of 5 days with the North Itinerary or a 4 days cruise starting on Thursday for the South Itinerary.



Nemo III motor sail catamaran offer 8 days luxury cruise (sunday to sunday) in Galapagos Islands, with daily Nemo III Cab 8excursions to different islands in 2 itineraries (North and South) switching between them every week.

The catamaran give you the oportunity to travel leisurely and comfortably around the Galapagos Islands. Snorkeling and kayaking gear are free to utilize and big spacious areas are good for mingling, take a sun bath on the sundeck or experiencing delightful dishes in the Nemo III Dining roomAl Fresco dining area. The staff consists of 6 members operating the vessel and an English Speaking Naturalist Guide of Galapagos Islands.

Remember that Nemo III won´t operate always on sail power because of changing and unstable winds and ocean currents.



* Capacity: 16 passengers / Loa 23 mts. / Beam 11.40 mts. / Draft 1.50 mts.
· Standard Twin Cabin 1: 2 Singles lower beds.
· Standard Twin Cabin 2: 2 Singles lower beds.
· Superior Cabin 3: 1 Lower double bed, 1 single upper bed.
· Superior Cabin 4: 1 Lower double bed, 1 single upper bed.
· Standard Double Cabin 5: 1 Double bed.
· Superior Cabin 6: 1 Lower double bed, 1 single upper bed.
· Standard Double Cabin 7: 1 Double bed.
· Standard Double Cabin 8: 1 Double bed.

Each cabin is equipped with e-suite facilities and shower and all of them are air conditioned.


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