Otavalo Indigenous Market Private Tour

Private tour to visit the famous Otavalo Indigenous Market with some options to do during the day.




  • Transportation
  • Bilingual guide


  • Food/Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Tips
  • Anything not mentioned

On this active it is important to have with you:

  • Good hiking shoes
  • Layers of clothing
  • Photocamera
  • Money

We will leave the hotel around 8 AM with a beautiful drive from Quito while experiencing 4 ecosystems on the way, driving on the avenue of the volcanoes to the north.

The Equatorial line goes directly through the glacier of the immense Cayambe volcano which is the highest worldwide point on the Equatorial line and the only place in the world where you can see snow and glaciers exactly on the Equator!

Upon arrival in Otavalo you will have different options of what to do and see with us, we happily advise you on the best choice for your taste. You can choose 3 out of the following options:

1: Visit the Equator Line in Cayambe.

2: Just on Saturday: the animal & farmers market is a unique experience. Drive into local indigenous culture and experience how the Kichwa have been trading for centuries!

3: The Otavalo Artisan Market is the largest indigenous market in South America and you will be able to find a great selection of hand-made goods ranging from tapestry, to clothing and decorations for your home. A perfect place for souvenir shopping.

4: Another option is to see the local Kichwa in action while weaving their tapestry, the designs might seem simple but hold a world of culture and beliefs in them.

5: The music demonstration takes you to see local musicians playing their famous andes panflute music and giving you a demonstration on how the flutes are made. You will have a chance to participate in some dancing and music playing and of course in asking any question you always wanted to ask them. Most of the Otavalo musicians have travelled all over the world, playing on the steeets of cities far away from their homes to entertain us and send money back home.

6: A cleansing ceremony by a true Shamman is also an option. This ceremony does NOT include an Ayuhuasca ceremony but is designed around getting to gain a better insight of the local culture and traditions while at the same time cleansing your body and soul from bad influences. Definitely worthwhile when visiting Ecuador! (minimum 2 hours)

7: The crater lake of Cuicocha is also known as the guinea pig lake due to its form. Not only can you enjoy some unique flora, but also enjoy a short walk to learn more about indigenous religion and culture.