Galapagos Cruise Tourist Class

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Nemo II Galapagos Cruise

Nemo II Galapagos Cruise offer 8 days luxury cruise (sunday to sunday) in Galapagos Islands, with daily excursions to different islands in 2 itineraries (North and South) switching between them every week.
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Nemo III Motor Sail Catamaran

Nemo III has 2 main routes called North Itinerary and South Itinerary of 8 days each one starting on Sundays. On Sunday you can do a 4 days cruise in the North Itinerary or a 5 days cruise in the South Itinerary From these main routes you can start on Wednesday a cruise of 5 days with the North Itinerary or a 4 days cruise starting on Thursday for the South Itinerary.
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Nemo I main

Nemo I Motor Sail Catamaran

Nemo I accommodates only up to 14 guests and it is highly suitable for water sports enthusiasts and outdoor people. Designed for people that love to combine the unforgettable encounters with the Galapagos wildlife with a more adventurous ambiance and a sense of freedom and peace.
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Angelito Motor Yacht

During summer 2013, Angelito I Yacht spent several months in dock for a complete remodeling: new engines, more efficient and faster and generators and air conditioners were also replaced to latest models more ecological and less noisy. All the cabins (8 in total),have been relocated to the main deck. Each cabin also has its private bathroom with shower.
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