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Espejo Point - Marchena

Galapagos Islands


Espejo Point, or Punta Espejo, is located on the south-eastern tip of Marchena Island and it is a great spot for snorkeling and diving. Visibility ranges from 9 to 18m and you can go down up to 24m. Famous for dolphin encounters, you can also spot hammerhead sharks, turtles, moray eels, scorpionfish, surgeonfish, rays and sea lions. You should avoid getting too close to the coast as currents and swell can be quite strong occasionally. If you're lucky, you can also encounter fur seals or the endemic Marchena lava lizard.

Difficulty: Moderate

Disembarkation: No Landing

Interactions: Snorkeling ,Diving

Highlights at Espejo Point

  • Hammer Head Sharks
  • Cow Nosed Rays


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