Terms and conditions​

The following terms and conditions will be applied by Dana Tours LLC from the moment of reservation and booking of all touristic services involved in our tours. Read them carefully, and ask questions about any area of concern or uncertainty.

The act of sending a deposit for your trip acknowledges that you have read and thoroughly understand and accept our terms and conditions. It will also accept the cancellation policy of the specific tour that will be send by e-mail before the first deposit or the general cancellation policy if apply.

Dana Tours LLC acts as an intermediary in the reservation and hiring of some of the services between its traveler(s) and Secondary Supplier. The term Secondary Supplier may refer to hotels, transportations (via air, land or water), excursions and/or combined packages carried by local operators or companies in Ecuador.

The person contracting the services of Dana Tours LLC from here on will be called “the tourist”.


– Dana Tours LLC obligations:

1- To provide Secondary Suppliers in the market relative to the established price. The Second Suppliers must be legally established and authorized to operate in agreement with Ecuadorian law.

2- To provide all of the necessary information that the tourist will require about his/her contracted tour.

3- To provide the tourist with all tickets and vouchers required for participation on the tour.

4- To contact the family, insurance company and / or embassy of the tourist in case of accident caused by acts of providence or force majeure. Dana Tours LLC is not responsible for injuries, death or any other damage caused under any circumstances by the tourist.

The tourist obligations:

1- To have clearly understood and accepted the social risks that travel inside of Ecuador implies, and the risks that exist in the practice of extreme sport including but not restricted to mountain biking, rafting / tubing, climbing, mountain sports, trekking, camping, rappelling / canopy, horse-riding, snorkelling, diving and any other activity or sport where there is contact with nature. The tourist also clearly understands the risks of injury associated with force majeure or acts of providence such as wars, internal commotion, protests / strikes, terrorism, fire, natural disasters, public authority decisions, or any other extreme circumstances, and accepts that Dana Tours LLC will not be responsible for loss, injury or damage to person or property for any of the above causes.

2- The tourist will hold valid medical insurance up to the end date of the tour contracted, or, in the absence of such an insurance policy, declares Dana Tours LLC exempt of all responsibility for any kind of accident, death, injury or physical problem that occurs during the contracted trip.

3- To have all immigration documents in order according to Ecuadorian law, and to communicate Dana Tours LLC any kind of special food requirement, disability or sickness that exists at time of travel.

Hint: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your travel dates. A round/onward trip ticket is needed to prove the length of your stay. Please check with the Ecuadorian consulate or embassy in your country to see if you need a visa to enter Ecuador.

4- To be in sufficient good health to take part in the trip that is reserved.

5- To collect all vouchers and tickets from Dana Tours LLC that will be given through the contact e-mail and confirmed reception of the e-mail.

6- If the applicant registers for several travelers, he/she is responsible for all of their contractual obligations as if his own. With the conclusion of the contract, the customer agrees to the storage of his/her personal data for use by Dana Tours LLC to facilitate the tour and its itinerary only. Your personal information will not be sold or misused for any commercial gain.

7– To send a scanned copy of the passport of all tourists included in the tour and the following information:

– Last Name (as spelled on Passport).

– Given Name (as spelled on Passport)

– Gender.

– Marital Status.

– Passport Number.

– Passport Expiration date.

– Nationality.

– Date of Birth.

– Bedding Preference (Matrimonial / Twin / Single).

– International flight schedule.

– Dietary Restrictions.

– Allergies, Medical Conditions, sickness or Special Requirements.

– Hotel in Quito/Guayaquil the night before the tour starts.


Dana Tours LLC does not provide any sort of travel insurance along with their tours and cruises. The costs of the tours offered by Dana Tours LLC do not comprise coverage for accidents or events beyond our control.

Dana Tours LLC strongly recommend that you purchase travel and medical insurance coverage before you travel to Ecuador. A good insurance policy will include: Trip & flight cancellation and interruption coverage, Medical coverage (including coverage for emergency evacuation), baggage loss protection. Dana Tours LLC can recommend you travel and medical insurance companies.


Immunization requirements vary from country to country and even region to region. Up-to date information should be obtained from your local health department and consulate. You assume complete and full responsibility for, and hereby release
Dana Tours LLC from, any duty of checking and verifying vaccination or other entry requirements of each destination, as well as all safety and security conditions of such destinations during the length of the proposed travel or extensions expected or unexpected. You may also wish to consult your family physician.


Participants will arrange and are responsible for their own travel to and from point of departure of tour.
Dana Tours LLC is not responsible if an airline cancels or delays a flight. If that occurs, you should work with the airline to ensure you arrive at your destination on or ahead of time. Dana Tours LLC will not provide any refund for trips missed, in part or full, due to missed, cancelled or delayed flights or other flight irregularities including without limitation denied boarding, whether or not you are responsible for such denial. Dana Tours LLC is not responsible for a participant’s late arrival. Participants are advised to plan for this and to be prepared to arrive in time.

Hint: We strongly recommend to arrive from your international flight in Quito/Guayaquil 1-2 days before your cruise in Galapagos Islands. The best is to spend the night before the flight to Galapagos Islands in a hotel near the airport.

Hint: We strongly recommend to avoid booking an international connecting flight on your day of return from Galapagos, as flight delays and cancellations occur with a certain frequency. We cannot be held responsible for any missed international connection.


Dana Tours LLC shall have no responsibility or liability and shall not be required to make any refund, partial or full, in the event, without limitation, of any delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike or other labor activity, acts of war, terrorism, disease, bad weather, fires, explosions, earthquakes, drought, tidal waves, floods, lack of medical care, or other force majeure event or cause beyond Dana Tours LLC’ direct control. Further, Dana Tours LLC shall have no responsibility for any additional, incidental, or consequential expense due, without limitation, to omissions, delays, re-routing, or acts or omissions of any governmental authority. Dana Tours LLC reserves the right to cancel a trip for force majeure or any other circumstances beyond our control as determined in our sole discretion. In which case Dana Tours LLC shall have no responsibility or liability and shall not be required to make any refund.


Participants are hereby advised that you and other
tourists will be renting sports equipment from a third party. Dana Tours LLC will not be performing safety inspections on this equipment. This is your responsibility expressly and exclusively. Dana Tours LLC is not liable for damages, loss or theft of the sports equipment, or damages or injuries caused thereby, whether by or upon you or 3rd parties.


A deposit of 40% of the total amount invoiced of the tour is required to confirm your tour.

The remaining balance (60%) is required 90 days prior to the departure date.

If the tour is booked in the last 90 days before starts of the tour, full payment will be requested to confirm the tour.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Payment policies regarding cruises may change according to each boat operator, please contact your trip advisor or write us at [email protected]galapagosdanatours.com for specific cruise polices.

If a client fails to pay for his/her tour in full before the final payment dates that will be give by e-mail and also in the proforma invoice, the client risks losing his/her tour. Equally, by failing to make the full payment before the due date, the client will lose his/her deposits for all travelers included in the reservation.

Dana Tours LLC reserves the right to change the price of a tour without prior notice in the event of any price increase beyond their control including but not restricted to fuel surcharges, changes to government taxes, park entrance fees, and changes to published flight prices.

Payments can be done to:

1- Wire transfer to Dana Tours LLC business account in United States, United Kingdom, Germany or Australia.

2- PayPal account of Dana Tours LLC in United States. In this case there is a fee of 5,4% added to the total amount. Video proof with identification and authoriza of payment required.


Cancellation policies can vary from tour to tour. Dana Tours LLC will send by e-mail the specific cancellation policy of the selected tour.

General cancellation policy conditions if not a tour specific cancellation policy is given:

– 91 days or more before travel start date: pre-payment.

– 90 days or less before the travel date: 100% of the total amount.

Cancellations by the tourist must be made in writing and will only be effective once Dana Tours LLC is in receipt of the written document.

All itineraries are always subject to change without previous notice due to operational issues, weather conditions or change on policies by a third party, which could include the boat owner, the Galapagos National Park and/or ecuadorian authorities.


If the tourist experiences a problem during the tour, then they should inform Dana Tours LLC immediately and in writing. Only complaints that are brought to the attention of Dana Tours LLC within a maximum period of 1 week after finishing the tour will be handled. Dana Tours LLC will endeavour to formally respond fully to all complaints within 1 week of receiving notification although delays in receiving adequate information from Secondary Supplier may lengthen Dana Tours LLC response time.

Dana Tours LLC will act as an intermediary in negotiating refunds with Secondary Supplier on behalf of the tourist. In no case can Dana Tours LLC guarantee a successful response or refund from the Secondary Supplier.

Dana Tours LLC will not be responsible for giving refunds in any of the following situations:

Changes to itinerary before or after departure.

Mechanical issues affecting any form of transport on the trip.

Substitution of facilities or personnel.

Late arrival or no-show of the tourist.

Decision of the tourist to leave the tour early or miss any activities, meals, accommodations during the tour.

– The tourist travelling without necessary documentation including passport, visas, immigration papers or vaccination certificates.

Price differences paid by different passengers aboard the same tour including special last minute rates.

Decisions by any third party that affect the normal running of the tour including by Secondary Supplier, Ecuadorian government or National park authority.

Any other circumstances on your tour arising beyond Dana Tours LLC’s control.

We’d like to apologize for all the legal document. We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience and looking forward to seeing you soon!