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La Ventana Islet - Wolf

Galapagos Islands


La Ventana (Spanish for the Window) is a famous diving site near Wolf Island. There is a shallow lagoon here leading down to a peak and then along the wall of a reef. The currents are medium to strong. A diversity of wildlife can be encountered below water, including red-lipped batfish, moray eels, barracudas, dolphins, and various species of sharks, like the whitetip or the hammerhead shark. From May to November, you can even see whale sharks. There is no landing on the island, but you can spot tropicbirds like vampire and reed-footed finches.

Difficulty: Moderate

Disembarkation: No Landing

Interactions: Diving

Highlights at La Ventana Islet

  • Rich Marine Life


Galapagos Fur Seal, Galapagos Green Turtle, Galapagos Sea Lion, Galapagos Sharks, Nazca Booby, Red-Footed Booby, Whales & Dolphins