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Mosquera Diving Point - Baltra

Galapagos Islands


Mosquera is a volcanic islet in Galapagos, located between Seymour and Baltra islands. It is a great diving spot, suitable for inexperienced divers, with moderate to minimal currents. With a sandy bottom at 15-18 meters, with many coral reefs, you can observe a variety of species, from garden eels, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks, turtles, to barracudas and rays, It also has one of the archipelago’s largest populations of Galapagos Sea Lions, so you can watch them sunbathing on the beach. Keep an eye out for orcas too, as they have been occasionally spotted here.

Difficulty: Moderate

Disembarkation: No Landing

Interactions: Diving

Highlights at Mosquera Diving Point

  • Hammer Head Sharks
  • Garden Eels


Galapagos Green Turtle, Galapagos Penguin, Galapagos Sharks, Galapagos Sting Rays, Mobula Rays