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Mosquera Islet - Baltra

Galapagos Islands


Mosquera is a volcanic islet in Galapagos, located between Seymour and Baltra islands, and it is one of the archipelago’s smallest islands. It is a great site for diving and snorkeling, due to the diversity of the marine fauna and the coral reefs. One of its highlights is the white sandy beach, where you can always observe sea lions sunbathing, as Mosquera has one of the largest populations of Sea Lions in Galapagos. You can also spot shorebirds, like boobies, herons and lava gulls, or marine iguanas and Sally Lightfoot crabs.

Difficulty: Easy

Disembarkation: Wet Landing

Interactions: Hiking ,Snorkeling ,Dinghy Ride

Highlights at Mosquera Islet

  • Large Sea Lions Colony
  • Shore Birds


Blue-Footed Booby, Brown Pelican, Darwin’s Finches, Galapagos Dove, Galapagos Frigatebirds, Galapagos Green Turtle, Galapagos Lava Gull, Galapagos Lava Lizard, Galapagos Marine Iguana, Galapagos Mockingbird, Galapagos Petrel, Galapagos Sea Lion, Galapagos Sharks, Mobula Rays