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Pitt Point - San Cristóbal

Galapagos Islands


Pitt Point, locally known as Punta Pitt, is located on the eastern coast of San Cristobal Island. The site is a volcanic tuff formation, famous for being a nesting spot for many species of seabirds. It is one of the few places where you can find all three species of boobies - blue-footed, red-footed and Nazca - and two species of frigate birds. There is also a sea lion colony you can admire. Pitt Point is a great spot for snorkeling and dinghy rides, due to the diversity of wildlife you can encounter.

Difficulty: Moderate

Disembarkation: Wet Landing

Interactions: Hiking ,Snorkeling ,Dinghy Ride ,Kayaking

Highlights at Pitt Point

  • Large Sea Lions Colony
  • Amazing Landscape
  • Rich Marine Life


Belted Kingfisher, Blue-Footed Booby, Brown Pelican, Darwin’s Finches, Galapagos Dove, Galapagos Frigatebirds, Galapagos Lava Heron, Galapagos Lava Lizard, Galapagos Marine Iguana, Galapagos Mockingbird, Galapagos Petrel, Galapagos Sea Lion, Galapagos Shearwater, Nazca Booby, Red-Footed Booby