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Sierra Negra Volcano - Isabela

Galapagos Islands


The Sierra Negra Volcano (Black Mountain) is an active volcano located in Isabela Island, and its last eruption took place in the summer of 2018. You can visit the volcano by taking a one day trip. Even if it's a 9mi hike, the trip is considered relatively easy. You will be met by striking vistas everywhere along the way and visitors compared this eerie landscape with walking on the moon. The volcano's caldera is one of the largest in the world, and the lava tubes or the hot air coming out give you the opportunity to experience the volcanic activity.

Difficulty: Moderate

Disembarkation: Dry Landing

Interactions: Hiking

Highlights at Sierra Negra Volcano

  • Panoramic View
  • Birdwatching


Darwin’s Finches, Galapagos Dove, Galapagos Hawk, Galapagos Lava Lizard, Galapagos Martin, Galapagos Mockingbird, Galapagos Rail, Galapagos Red Bat, Galapagos Short-eared Owl, Vermilion Flycatcher