Napo Wildlife Center


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Are you ready for a truly unforgettable experience as you explore one of the most bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet? A tour through the lush Amazonian rainforest is in no way a passive experience. It’s all about getting a glimpse of the diverse, untamed wildlife in the area and being enveloped in all the drama on one of the planet’s greatest theaters, where every angle is unique, and every moment is personal, making the experience a feast for the senses. Tucked away in this unique ecosystem and surrounded by wildlife in the Heart of the Yasuni National Park is located the Napo Wildlife Center, owned and operated by the indigenous community, Añangu. The Napo Wildlife Center is basically an exquisite lodge that’s located deep in the heart of the Amazon. Its pristine location makes it the perfect spot to explore and experience all that the great Amazon has to offer. Wildlife sightings around the area include various primates, several species of frogs, butterflies and insects, snakes, black caimans, tent bats, three kinds of Macaws, parrots, parakeets, raptors, and many, many other birds. Those who do not want to miss any of the action can purchase the Napo wildlife center bird and mammal booklet at the bar.
Napo Wildlife Center


Why Stay at the Napo Wildlife Center?

Napo Wildlife Center relax

The Accommodations

The main hall area is where visitors and staff can sit together, dine and tell each other stories of their adventures.There are also several social areas located in the main hall, including a fully stocked bar and a library.

There’s also a restaurant that’s perched atop a 20ft observation tower and provides breathtaking 360-degree views of the surrounding forest and lake. Groups are able to mingle any time at the lodge and often do so at the bar before or after meal times.

The cabins (rooms) are spotless, spacious, comfortable and airy. There’s a mosquito net around the king-size beds so you can enjoy your sleep. Each room has a bathroom with hot water, fans, a private balcony, and 24/7 uninterrupted electricity thanks to solar panels.
Rooms at the lakefront allow you to enjoy stunning views of the picturesque lake. There’s also a laundry service that comes at an extra fee.

Visitors also have internet access that is reasonably priced and depends on the weather.

The Menu

  • Breakfast – The buffet breakfast, includes a selection of cheeses, fruits, bread, meat, marmalade and yo can find also butter, eggs, cereal, yogurt, milk, tea, coffee or fruit juice.
  • Lunch (plated) – Options rotate daily.
  • Dinner (buffet) – Options rotate daily.

Getting to the Napo Wildlife Center

Getting there is part of the adventure. Visitors are brought to the lodge in a motorized canoe via the Napo River which snakes down from the El Coca Town and is a 2½ hour boat ride. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view of the magnificent Napo River. Bottled water and snacks are served during this trip to Napo Wildlife Center.

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