Samba Galapagos Sailboat


Samba Galapagos Sailboat

Galapagos Islands


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Samba seems to be one of the favorites among US visitors to the archipelago. It offers the possibility to navigate for a week the north and west islands, like Fernandina, Isabela, Marchena, Genovesa, or the south and west ones, like Santa Fe, San Cristobal, Española. Guests also have the chance to enjoy a full tour that combines both routes for up to 15 days in order to explore the Galapagos to its fullest, aboard this exquisitely designed vintage sailboat. One of the most complete options to watch everything the islands can offer.
Samba can carry up to 14 passengers, a more intimate cruising experience than most ships will offer, in bunks or double rooms, each with private bathroom.
Activities include snorkeling, hiking, panga rides and kayaking, plus a sundeck at the bow and al-fresco dinning and bar, and of course, Ecuadorian cuisine, all brought to you by local staff.

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Technical Specifications

Layout: 2 decks / 7 cabins
Lower deck: Cabin 1,2,3,4,5,6 = bunks
Upper deck: Cabin 7 = double
Beds layout: Bunks/ double
Rooming: Private or shared cabins
Sharing: Allowed / same gender: yes

Private bathrooms
Hot showers
Air conditioning
110v electricity

Sundeck – solarium Lounge areas Bar 3 kayaks: 1 DBL / 2 SGL TV/DVD Mini library Lifeguard vest

Samba Features, Decks & Notices

Superior Services 1/4

Main Features

• Uninterrupted 7 night sailings
• Certified naturalist guide
• Kayaks available aboard
• Snorkel & wetsuit equipment
• Accommodation in bunk & double cabins
• Private bathroom & air conditioned cabins

Galapagos Islands Cruise

Children Policies 2/4

Minors Aboard Cruise

• Children minimum Age: 4 years old
• Eligible Age: under 14 years
• Eligible Discount 2519$ per child
• Restriction: Travel with full paying adult

Rental, purchase & pay 3/4

Expenses Aboard

• On board payments for bar, cash only
• Wetsuit & snorkel equipment
• Tipping (optional but expected), cash only

Cruise Information 4/4

Notices & Cruise Details

• Single supplement
• Peak season surcharge: None
• Accommodation based on 2 guest per cabin
• Inquire your trip advisor for discounts & offers

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Inclusions & Exclusions



• TUE Arrival to Baltra, Mosquera Islet
• WED Genovesa: Darwin Bay, Prince Phillip Steps
• THU Marchena: Mejia Point, Black Beach
• FRI Isabela: Abermarle Point, Vicente Roca Point
• SAT Fernandina: Espinoza Point, Isabela: Urbina Bay
• SUN Isabela: Elizabeth Bay, Moreno Point
• MON Floreana: Asilo de la Paz, Cerro Alieri, Loberia
• TUE Santa Cruz: Highlands, Transfer to Baltra´s airport

Odyssey Itineraries


• TUE Arrival to Baltra, Santa Cruz: Highlands
• WED Floreana: Cormorant Point, Champion Islet, Post Office Bay, Baroness Lookout
• THU Española: Suarez Point, Gardner Bay
• FRI San Cristobal: Lobos Island, Kicker Rock, Pitt Point
• SAT Santa Fe, South Plaza, Santa Cruz: Carrion Point
• SUN Chinese Hat, Bartholomew
• MON Santiago: James Bay, Red Beach – Rabida
• TUE North Seymour, Transfer to Baltra´s airport

Galapagos Islands Cruise
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