Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes Island is located in the Galapagos archipelago, north-west of Santa Cruz Island, and it is actually comprised of two crescent-shaped islands and two rocks. Uninhabited, the island has a volcanic origin, and it is formed by the remains of two joined tuff cones coming out of the water. It was named after Guy Fawkes, the Roman Catholic insurgent who, in 1605, was at the origin of the Gunpowder Plot in England. The name is one of the most intriguing for one of the archipelago's islands and is still surround by mystery. Some say the name was given after a volcanic event, as a reference to the explosions tied to Guy Fawkes, while other believes that the buccaneers named the island because they considered Guy a hero.

The island is a famous diving spot, due to the myriad of colorful zoanthids that can be found here, so you shouldn't miss it on your Galapagos islands cruise. This striking animals usually populate coral reefs in a wide variety of impressive formations, and their shapes and kaleidoscope of color make the ocean bottom a paradise for divers. Naturally sheltered, with good visibility and calm waters, the dive site is suitable for both beginning and experienced divers. The walls of the islands descend in slopes or even vertically 20 meters to the sandy bottom, and they are eroded, with cavities and rocks surrounded by black coral. You can encounter reef fish, turtles, white-tip reef sharks, sea lions, rays and Galapagos sharks here. You will spot bottom fish, like puffers, butterflyfish, parrotfish, red-lipped bat fish, black-striped salema fish and king angelfish. The island is also home to a colony of sea lions, so you will most likely be joined by them on your underwater trip. They are usually very playful and like to do stunts in front of people.

When you plan for your trip, make sure Guy Fawkes Island is included in your cruise itinerary.
Guy Fawkes Fast Facts:
  • The island's name is a mystery that still causes theories today.
  • Guy Fawkes Island is actually made of two small islets and two rocks.
  • The myriad of colorful zoanthids covering the coral reefs create an amazing underwater landscape.

Guy Fawkes Visitor Sites:

Guy Fawkes Island, located northwest of Santa Cruz Island, is actually comprised of four small rock formations, with volcanic origin. The island's name is said to derive from Guy Fawkes, the man who, in 1605, was at... More Information

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