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In addition well-known celebrations such as Christmas and New Years, Ecuador is home to many indigenous communities with their own special holidays. These holidays consist of great festivals full of community gatherings and Ecuadorian traditions. These times of year are great for visiting certain places in Ecuador, as local culture, history, and tradition personify themselves in public for everyone to see and enjoy. Some holidays are nationwide, where businesses are shut down and every Ecuadorian takes part in celebrations. These include Carnaval, Easter Week, and All Saint’s Day. Carnaval. Prior to Lent, people like to indulge in all their desires in preparation for the fasting and restrictions of Lent. People typically engage in tricks and tom-foolery, in ways such as throwing water balloons at random people around the city. Other forms of celebration include dancing, music, parades, sporting events, and of course, eating and drinking to the heart’s content. Easter Week. Also known as Holy Week, or Semana Santa, the days leading up to Easter Sunday are full of religious celebration. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the traditions when people carry palm fronds down the street on their way to mass. Plaza De San Francisco in Quito even has

The Amazon Rainforest holds the highest concentration of plant and animal life on the planet. It sprawls across South America reaching nine different countries. In Amazon Rainforest, you have the opportunity to explore a part of this massive oasis of wildlife. Also to interact with the indigenous tribes that live there. Amazon Rainforest is a remote, mysterious, diverse, and unbelievably beautiful. That´s why those travelers who really want to uncover the secrets of the natural world should visit the jungle. Amazon Rainforest covers 6 provinces: Sucumbios, Orellana, Napo, Pastaza, Morona Santiago, and Zamora Chinchipe. Located roughly 400 meters above sea level, the Amazon Rainforest can be accessed by bus or by plane from Quito. The two major areas to visit are Parque Nacional Yasuni, and the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Popular activities in these locations include hiking in the jungle, canoeing, birdwatching, and getting to know local communities. Numerous resorts, ecolodges, and tour groups are able to take visitors through the jungle. The idea is to show them the wonders of the Amazon. Parque Nacional Yasuni is located between the Napo and Curaray rivers, and resides in the Napo and Pastaza provinces. This lush rainforest park is only 250 km. from

Galapagos tours is the best way to visit the Galapagos Islands in a cruise. Let me provide you with a few of the many reasons why you should cruise with a Galapagos tour. The Galapagos Islands has an almost legendary status as a platform for biodiversity. By the time you return home you will understand what I want to explain. It is almost impossible to over emphasize the sheer majesty of this unique place. Since you set foot in Galapagos Islands you will be closer to curious and oddly fearless animals than ever before. In Galapagos tours you will check endless wildlife which is practically overflowing. Into the water you will experience a world-class diving destination due to the abundance of aquatic animals in crystal-clear waters. You can expect to see a huge range of animals from gigantic whale sharks to reef fish. Also humpback whales, playful sea lions, green sea turtles, giant tortoises and iguanas!. You will see iguanas in all the Galapagos tours and while you are snorkeling. Back on land you´ll watch waved albatross perform their elaborate courtship rituals and staggeringly bright blue footed boobies nest. Before you know it you will be wandering through ancient lava

Hi there followers of our blog, we are today in Mindo Ecuador. Our first post is about a very special place called Mindo in Ecuador where I decided to come to live! Mindo Ecuador is a small community involving 3.000 people located 1 hour and 30 minutes from Quito, which has changed into a very important hot spot throughout current years as a birds paradise. It’s really a quite interesting village that has a lot to offer. Each day throughout Mindo will never be boring and without surprises. It’s really a town that is certainly famous for its plentiful splendor and also the Mindo-Nambillo Cloud Forest. Areas encompassing Mindo will be probably the greatest places for bird watching in Ecuador and all the world. Mindo is in the top rated Birds Christmas counts in the world. A number of tourists that come from Quito just stay few hours in daytime and do only few activities, simply because these people don´t get good information throughout Quito and also most likely get “full day tours” information. Mindo Ecuador is a place to stay 2, 3 or maybe more nights doing activities, enjoying the gorgeous woodlands and also enjoyable along with the warm weather