Papallacta Hot Springs

Private Tour to visit Hot Springs of Papallacta. The best option for last day if you leave to your home late in the night.




  • Bilingual guide
  • Private transportation
  • Canelazo (local warm beverage normally served with alcohol but at the spa without alcohol)


  • Entrance fee ($8)
  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Anything not mentioned

As most international flights do not leave until late at night, why not take the chance to visit papallacta and the hot-water springs? The village of papallacta lies high up in the Andes at an altitude of 3.300 meters (apr. 10.827 feet) on the border of the Cayambe-Coca Reserve and is mostly known for its thermal baths. The best baths are at the end of the road, at the thermas where you can not only enjoy the beautiful pools but also massages to arrive for your flight fully relaxed!

We leave the hotel any moment of the day you please for a 2-hour drive where we will go higher and higher before arriving in Papallacta. During this drive you will see the landscape change drastically from city, to green, to pure paramo (Andean highland).  The road, although we will not go that far on this tour, ends in the Amazon Rainforest. Upon arrival at the spa centre you can pick your choice of massage (optional) or just go immediately to the pools and relax until it is time to leave. The drive to the aiport will take aproximately 2 hours, so take that in account whilst planning this day! (And of course, you do not have to wait until it`s your last day, we are also very happy to bring you back to your hotel in Quito or to the Airport.